Sexy Butt Authenticity Pippa Middleton Doubtful

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Pippa Middleton ass dream that became the women back into the conversation. Reportedly, the sexiest Pippa was a fake alias obtained for using a booster. Really?

Kate Middleton's younger brother became the center of attention at her sister's wedding that was held in Westminster Abbey on 29 April 2011. Clad in a white dress Alexander McQueen's work, Pippa butt look perfect.

However, recently alleged that Pippa use the tools to bum it. On the show 'Crazy About Pippa', some people doubt the authenticity of Pippa buttocks at the time.

One is Lesley Reynolds Khan, a businessman from London spa. According to him, does not contain any visible Pippa buttocks while she was wearing jeans.

"I think on that day, while wearing a dress, she may use a special kind of pants that could lift the buttocks, or using a booster," he said as quoted from Us Magazine.
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Noura Drunk And Dancing!!!

Members of Parliament, who is rumored to Noura Dian Hartarony drunk and dancing at a night club and cafe has been disputed by her was indeed beautiful and sexy!

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Four Sensation Able To Love The Extraordinary

Sex for some people can be boring. As reported by Fox, there are many things that can make women tired of making love.

One of them is because of the sex game that made you and your husband is always the same from day to day. Because of that, you no longer feel the vibrations during lovemaking with a partner.

Still according to the survey conducted by Fox, the woman tired of having sex because they are embarrassed to try something new. The shame is usually because the woman does not want to be considered strange by his mate if asked to do something unusual.

If you get bored, and shame is the cause you are bored with sex, gather courage to talk with a partner. Then, after communicating, you and he can try the following four experiments for extraordinary sex life back:

1. Condom

Eliminate first thoughts discomfort when wearing a condom. Quoted from CondomMan, discomfort or less comfortable when having sex use a condom is mainly due to improper installation. And if used correctly, condoms should be able to increase sexual pleasure, not reduce them.

Condoms with lubricants, for example, making the process more smooth and gentle penetration which can bring pleasure to the men and women. In addition, the fluid pelicinnya also help older sex activity without having to worry about dry or cause pain.

Condoms can be an option you and your partner to experiment is a condom with a serrated texture, spiked or striped. When making love with one type of condom, you will feel the sensation of its own. Condoms types can also stimulate the g-spot so you can more easily reach orgasm.

2. Sock

Wear socks during sex, hmmm yes it does not sound sexy. Socks usually worn only you or your partner cold.

Apparently wearing socks to make your feet warmer it is useful. Reported by Askmen, according to Dutch researchers from the University of Groningen, women who wear socks before making love, the possibility of achieving orgasms 30% greater than that do not. This can happen because the woman feels warm and comfortable. Comfort is one of the keys for women to reach orgasm.

3. Celery Leaf

You like to eat celery? If you like, now is the time to experiment using these vegetables for more satisfying sex life.

Celery is one food that can increase libido. Celery contains androgen, a hormone that makes the opposite sex interested. In the vegetables there is also a function arginine dilate blood vessels such as Viagra.

Not only that, celery can also increase the amount of fluid during ejaculation occurs in both men and women. It can make the orgasm even more powerful and satisfying.

4. Zinc

Zinc is one supplement that can be consumed when you are suffering from a fever or flu. But you know if it's not just making Zinc fever or flu sufferers recover faster? Launched askdanandjennifer, Zin apparently also one of the supplements that can increase libido in men.

Men who consumed zinc, testosteronennya hormone could increase. Zinc may also increase the energy of the Adam and made them want to f*ck.

Where can find zinc? There are some foods that contain zinc and delicious to eat. Oysters contain more zinc than most other foods. Other food sources that contain zinc are whole grains, nuts, some specific seafood, whole grains and wheat, cereals and dairy products.
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The Best Preferred Kissing Style


Butterfly Kiss

Kissed her with the body of the eyelash flutter up to the couple seemed amused. A kiss may be granted on the cheeks, tip of the lips, forehead or stomach.

Cheek Kiss
Usually, this kiss is given at the time of the first date as a sign of "I love you". A kiss on the cheek could be more intimate if you know how, put your hand on her shoulder and then before the first kiss on the cheek with a swab of your lips, do it with great tenderness.

Eskimo Kiss
Kiss each other by rubbing noses with your partner. Let more fun and like the Eskimos, perform in front of an open refrigerator!

Eyelid Kiss
While your partner is asleep, kiss her eyelids are closed with very slow and intimate. A kiss can mean a simple but very profound for the he ...

Freeze Kiss
A kiss is done after the lip sticked ice cubes. Cold but fun! There are other ways that are not less thrill, you and your partner kissing while playing ice cubes with the tongue in the mouth.

Earlobe Kiss
Kiss your partner's right in his ear, but do not be silent! Enough with a breath just because your voice will make it aghast.

The Whipped Cream Kiss
It is the kind of kiss that exciting and full of lust. Dip your finger into the whipped cream, then lick your fingers slowly. Next you and your partner hugging and kissing each other, a sweet kiss on the mouth because you are still remaining whipped cream flavors.

Foot Kiss
Romantic kiss full of 'cues'. Maybe your partner will slightly amused, so make the she felt more relaxed and enjoy every kiss you. The trick, massage her feet first and start the action as she caressed a kiss you from the bottom up.

Quickie Kiss
Brief kiss you can give in when you're really busy. Smack his nose and then kissed her lips. A kiss is just takes second half!

Forehead Kiss
Called the mother because this kiss kiss are soothing for anyone only. No kiss on the forehead which can stimulate appetite.

French Kiss
Can also called The Home Kiss or Soul Kiss, kiss style need your expertise and your partner play the tongue.

Fruit Kiss
A kiss that uses pieces of fruit (grapes, strawberries, or apple slices.) How: Place the fruit in between your mouth and hold your mouth to him. Bite the fruit half until you and your partner's lips sticking together, then please kissing passionately.

Hand Kiss
Kissing the back of his hand with intimate partner and then propagate to the top.

Kiss Lick
Before the kiss took place, play your tongue on the lips. If the atmosphere of the 'heating up' then your tongue into her mouth. Wow!

Talking Kiss
Every now and then while kissing it could not hurt you to say I love you in the mouth. Hmm ... the atmosphere more so romantic kissing.

Nip Kiss
A kiss is erotic and full of sensation. When kissing, occasionally biting her lip. Do it right and do not make her scream in pain.

Sip Kiss
Before you kiss the him, a little gulp of your favorite beverage. Then pour in the mouth. Next creamed lips slowly and let the she enjoyed kissing you.

The buzzing Kiss
Kiss slowly telingannya back then with a voice growling and humming affectionate toward her neck. Bite-bite his neck slowly until you find the mouth.

Vacuum Kiss
Blowing a kiss that made your mouth until the cheek mate expand. Then it flared so that no wind was blowing back and forth from your mouth to mouth mate.
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Unbelievable! This is Jennifer Lopez's butt is Valuable to U.S. $ 300 million

Jennifer Lopez is known movie star, pop star, fashion designer and television producer. He was also chosen by People magazine as the 50th most beautiful woman in the world in 1997. And he also has a priceless treasure in her body. And you know, the treasure is her butt and legs by an insurance company priced a $ 300 million. Unbelievable!

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Five Most Sensitive Areas In Women

To keep harmony of couples, the husband should pay attention to what is desired by his wife when mixing romance, including touching the most sensitive to women.

With the touch in these sensitive areas could be useful to entertain and excite their partners.

Here are 5 most sensitive areas in women (Askmen.com):

1. Hair
Stroked her hair down to the spine with gentle is a powerful way to send the couple a sense of comfort. Massage him with a circular pattern from temple to nape. And watch what happens, she will be more excited with you.

2. Occiput
As he touched the back of his neck, occasionally give very light. According to the theory of ancient Japan, the area behind the neck of a woman is attractive man. The reason is, that section is one of the parts of a woman's body that is not covered by traditional Kimono dress. Now, sensitivity nape was defeated by the "point"other. However, never underestimate the power of touch and soft kisses from her hairline to shoulder.

3. Auricle
Touching, kissing, and even biting her earlobe gently splashing will give him pleasure. This section is very sensitive. In addition, most women really enjoy the sensation that comes when a man pressed his lips on this one area.

4. Palm
The palm of her hand is a point that is not dangerous to touch when he was in front of people. So even if you were trying to tease him, you also will not make people feel uncomfortable around. Trailing your finger in the palm of his hand would give him the vibration of "fun" while making him look sensitive and attentive.

5. Inner Thighs
Touching the inner thigh or groin can be a tempting practice perfect for the "trigger" of women. At the time a private, use hands and mouth you to fondle and kiss this section to be a remarkable close to the point of satisfaction!
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