Five Most Sensitive Areas In Women

To keep harmony of couples, the husband should pay attention to what is desired by his wife when mixing romance, including touching the most sensitive to women.

With the touch in these sensitive areas could be useful to entertain and excite their partners.

Here are 5 most sensitive areas in women (Askmen.com):

1. Hair
Stroked her hair down to the spine with gentle is a powerful way to send the couple a sense of comfort. Massage him with a circular pattern from temple to nape. And watch what happens, she will be more excited with you.

2. Occiput
As he touched the back of his neck, occasionally give very light. According to the theory of ancient Japan, the area behind the neck of a woman is attractive man. The reason is, that section is one of the parts of a woman's body that is not covered by traditional Kimono dress. Now, sensitivity nape was defeated by the "point"other. However, never underestimate the power of touch and soft kisses from her hairline to shoulder.

3. Auricle
Touching, kissing, and even biting her earlobe gently splashing will give him pleasure. This section is very sensitive. In addition, most women really enjoy the sensation that comes when a man pressed his lips on this one area.

4. Palm
The palm of her hand is a point that is not dangerous to touch when he was in front of people. So even if you were trying to tease him, you also will not make people feel uncomfortable around. Trailing your finger in the palm of his hand would give him the vibration of "fun" while making him look sensitive and attentive.

5. Inner Thighs
Touching the inner thigh or groin can be a tempting practice perfect for the "trigger" of women. At the time a private, use hands and mouth you to fondle and kiss this section to be a remarkable close to the point of satisfaction!

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